A Charcoal Grey Suit Will Be the Most Versatile Suit You Own

When thinking about classic suit colours, it mostly comes down to three choices. If navy isn't your thing, but you wish to avoid the severity of black, a good option is the eminently chic and distinguished charcoal grey. In fact, it's one of the most versatile colours you can buy, and we're going to explain exactly why below.

If you're going to invest in bespoke tailoring for a suit, and want to get plenty of wear out of it for your money, the best colour to buy is charcoal grey. It's a neutral, more versatile colour and can be worn dressed up for a wedding, whilst also being perfect for business attire, meetings or evenings out.

With the right tailoring, a charcoal grey suit can look flattering and seriously stylish, whilst also being classic and timeless, which it's why it's one of the staple tones recommended by most tailors for a first suit.

If you have pale or blue eyes, the contrast of the grey can appear striking and work well very to your advantage. Grey also works well with just about any shirt colour, so you can switch up your look any way you like. In business, your wardrobe tends to reflect your business acumen, and appearing overly risky can in some cases seem like a risk in itself, so wearing a neutral, business-like grey and saving brighter colours for your shirt, tie or pocket square is a wise move.

As for the style of your charcoal grey suit, that's really up to you. Bespoke tailoring doesn't have to be old fashioned or stuffy, so try going for more modern details such as double vents, peak lapels and a variety of lightweight fabrics and patterns. A peaked lapel with a slim fit can give a powerful for business. There are also many contemporary and interesting charcoal grey styles available to buy off-the-peg, that can fit perfectly with a little bit of tailoring.

Remember, a suit is for work AND play, and you'll get plenty of both out of your new investment.