Your Guide to a Perfect Bespoke Wedding Suit

Let’s be honest. The chances are that your beautiful bride to be is probably organising the venue, menu, flowers, decoration, music, what her bridesmaids are wearing, and of course what she will be wearing on your big day.

She has probably delegated the decision about what you, the groom, will be wearing to you (with her final approval of course). But where do you even start? Well our guide to choosing bespoke wedding suits should help.

Decision number 1 - Consider the style

The first thing to consider is what you will feel more comfortable in - a traditional morning suit or a business suit? If you’re not sure, think about the style of your wedding. Where is the venue? Do you think it will be a very formal, traditional affair? Then perhaps a three piece morning suit would be the more suitable option. If on the other hand it’s a more informal occasion, then a business suit (two or three piece) will be fine.

Decision number 2 – The material

Think twice about going for a man-made or synthetic fibre. Good quality, heavier fabrics such as wool are ideal for bespoke wedding suits and will last forever if looked after. However, if you’re getting married abroad a lighter fabric may be required. You should have a look at fabrics such as linen. If you’re after something quite chic and on trend, it’s worth noting that tweed is very fashionable at the minute.

Decision number 3 – The colour

Unless you have been given specific instructions from your wife to be, the third decision you will have to make is about the colour of your suit. If you are wearing a waistcoat, grey goes with grey and navy goes with navy. If you choose a black coat and trousers, then your waistcoat could be a number of colours. However a light grey or navy wedding suit will not only have you looking your absolute smartest, but it will also ensure you fit in with most colour schemes. Colour schemes are very important to brides!

Finally, the dos and don’ts

Do make sure that you wear a belt that matches the colour of your shoes.
Don't wear brown shoes with black suits.
Do choose Mullen & Mullen as your bespoke wedding tailor!