Your Tailoring Appointment: What to Expect

Dominic and Damien Mullen tailoring a suit

Have you always wanted to find out about getting a bespoke office suit but feel intimidated at the thought of going to a tailor? Time to think again. It’s true that a bespoke suit or shirt will cost more than most off-the-peg items but buying bespoke is an investment. Long after that ‘off the peg suit’ has started to sag, the cut, quality and fit of your bespoke suit means it looks as quietly elegant and good on you as the day you bought it. A bespoke suit that cost you less than £700 can easily last twenty years or more – and it will still cut the mustard!

Your First Appointment

The joy of the bespoke tailoring process is working closely with your personal tailor. Your tailor will listen carefully and advise on the best fabric, lining and options for your requirements and price range to produce a suit thats perfect for you.

Your initial appointment lasts just 40 minutes. This starts with a measurement by your tailor to create a fit profile, which will be used to create a paper template, unique to your body shape. Your chosen fabric is then cut from this template and put together to produce a suit which will fit perfectly. This is what makes your suit bespoke and something you will enjoy wearing for many years to come.

Selecting a Fabric

Probably the first decision you have to make with your tailor is regarding fabric. Wool is the most popular material for the classic suit in the UK. Cotton, linen or silk is also used but less common. Your tailor may talk of ‘worsted’, which is the wool used by tailors. Worsted is tightly spun and is more durable and has a smoother finish. Quality of the fabric is denoted by numbers or thread counts (80, 100 etc.), so the higher the number, the better quality of fabric and the more expensive. 

Creating Your Suit

How is your suit jacket constructed? Following the fit profile, our master craftsmen produce your suit by hand using traditional English tailoring benefits, including a floating canvas.

Off-the-peg suits suffer from the fused method. This uses a synthetic material which is glued to the other layers and although this helps keep the shape of the jacket, it can look stiff. The glue also degrades over time with wear and dry-cleaning and the jacket gets that tired look.

The traditional Mullen & Mullen way is to use a piece of horsehair canvas loosely stitched, or floating, between the outer and inner layers of fabric of your jacket. This helps to keep the shape intact and drapes the body for that well-fitted look, which is a sign of excellent bespoke tailoring.


7-8 weeks later, the garment will be ready for a first fitting, which the tailoring will arrange with you directly. In this appointment, the tailor pins, or marks any adjustments required, taking into account your personal preferences. If required, we will then do the required adjustments, and return for a final fitting 2 weeks later. In most cases, this is not required. 

The suit is now finished. We can deliver it via courier, but we prefer to arrange a final visit to check the adjustments are to your preference. We don't rest until the suit fits you perfectly!

Your next step

The first step is to book an appointment with us. One of our tailors will visit you at your home or office, with appointments taking around 40 minutes, with no obligation to purchase. At this appointment you'll choose the fabric, style and fit and lining of your suit with the guidance of one of our tailors.

To book your appointment or ask any questions about bespoke tailoring or mens style, please email us or call our store on 01904 633 049 (9-5 GMT).