Best Dressed Guest: Smart Choices for Summer Wedding Attire

Bespoke Wedding Suit

As spring draws to a close, we usher in the long-awaited British summer, and with it a calendar inevitably packed with summer weddings. If you’ve plenty of friends tying the knot this year, it’s really worth investing in a quality bespoke wedding suit that’ll take you right through the season’s special events…but what type of suit should a wedding guest wear?

Think practically; you’ll want to stay cool and comfortable throughout the warmer months, so begin by selecting a light cloth and a breathable natural lining material. The beauty of buying bespoke is that you get to choose these finer details. That means you don’t have to compromise on quality, whereas with many ‘off the peg’ suits, the lining, for example, may be a standard synthetic material, more of an afterthought than an integral part of the suit’s design.

In terms of colour, lighter shades traditionally work well for the summer, and for celebratory events like weddings. It’s wise to choose a colour that’ll work with various shirts and accessories; a pale grey or soft charcoal is a versatile choice, and always looks effortlessly stylish with a crisp white shirt, and a tie or pocket square to add a pop of colour. On the other hand, if you favour a more heritage-inspired look, a lightweight tweed can work perfectly for summer wedding suits.

Three-piece or two-piece depends on how traditional the wedding, or your personal style is, but either is an appropriate choice. Complete the outfit with classic black or tan brogues, and a subtle pair of cuff-links.

Cut and colour may be a matter of taste, but fit simply has to be spot on. When it comes to fit, there’s no substitute for bespoke tailoring. An expertly cut suit won’t just ensure you look great; it’ll make you feel more confident and comfortable too.

In a nutshell, when dressing for a wedding, think ‘understated elegance’. After all, anything too flashy would detract from the true focus of the day - the happy couple, and nobody wants to stand out in the wedding photos for all the wrong reasons!