A Brief History of Men's Underwear

Bespoke Mens Boxers

Woody Alan once said "I don't believe in the after life, although I am bringing a change of underwear". An essential element to each wardrobe pants are the oldest garment there is, dating back to the loin cloths of ancient Greece and Egypt. 

Originally fashioned from linen, Tutankhamun (1341 BC -1323 BC) sarcophagus was filled with numerous loincloths, though unlike Woody Allan, his were intended to see him through the afterlife . 

A stark contrast to the loin cloth, the tudor fashion trend of the cod piece emerged, its most famous wearer being King Henry VIII, the cod pieces intention was to show fertility , although many were used as a functional pocket! The invention of the spinning Jenny in the industrial revolution led to the mass production of underwear and by the 1950s new synthetic cloths such as spandex were starting to make their way into underpants. 

If you have ever graced our 16 High Petergate store, or browsed our online shop there's no missing our Mullen and Mullen handmade in Yorkshire boxer shorts. Rachel fashions each pair from cuts of our shirt cloths. Each one is completely inpidual in varying colours. In fact they are such a style statement,I recently bought a friend a pair for his birthday, needless to say he liked them so much they were put on in the pub there and then, residents of Parsons Green beware!