5 Subtle Enhancements You Can Make to Your Jacket

Mullen & Mullen bespoke tailoring gives you the opportunity to add some subtle design enhancements bringing your suit to life. Splashes of colour, contrasting cloth textures and alternative designs can make your suit truly unique.

Here are five subtle enhancements you can make to your jacket.

1. Hand-finished lapel stitching

Lapel stitching gives your jacket a relaxed feel, perfect for a Friday, or outside of work at the races, club or wine bar. With a matching lapel hole it adds a touch of stylish class, adorning your suit and ensuring you feel confident when you step out the door. 

2. Contrasting lapel button hole

You can choose the colour of your lapel button hole, perhaps to match your jacket lining. It's also the perfect companion to a hand-stitched lapels as it brings a nice point of focus to the front of your suit. A small and stylish tweak, which makes your jacket that little bit different.

3. Flash Cuffs

In the picture above, see the checked fabric on which the buttons lie. This is a flash cuff. Leave the bottom button unfastened (also note the contrasting bottom buttonhole colour in the picture), perhaps on your watch-wearing wrist, and your flash cuff will give fine-drawn glimpses of colour. 

4. Gauntlet Cuffs

Gauntlet cuffs refer to a turn-up at the end of the sleeve. The image above shows a half-gauntlet cuff, also known as a British cuff. It's an indistinct but fine styling choice, perfect with turned-up trousers. 

5. Slanted Pockets

An alternative to straight suit jacket pockets is to have them slanted. It's a simple and effective way to add a bit of variation to your wardrobe (and peers). You might also ask for a second pocket on one side, which is for style over function.

With all these styling options and more available to make your suit jacket individual to your taste, it's easy to become overwhelmed. When you have your appointment with Mullen & Mullen, we'll guide you to help make the right choices. Mostly, it's best to keep it classic with a few changes.