5 Ways to Wear a White Oxford this Summer

White Oxford Style Inspiration

Imagine - You look out of your window, sun shining brightly. It's glorious weather. You grab your favourite shorts and summer wear, dreaming of a long summer. Suddenly, a dramatic realisation. You have to go to the office, theatre, that semi-formal or somewhere else where your excellent t-shirt and favourite flip-flops won't be appreciated.

This leads to 2 key mistakes:

1) Being overdressed

2) Being underdressed

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
Leonardo da Vinci

Fortunately, the classic OCDB (Oxford Cloth Button Down) is your shortcut to versatile style. Pick your occasion, and a perfectly fit OCDB is a great choice.

Weekend Away:

White Oxford Style Inspiration

Headed to the country? Some simple layering and a well equipped travel bag will serve you well. The Mullen & Mullen travel bag is the perfect fit for the backseat or overhead compartment. Layer your oxford with a simple cashmere or lambswool jumper for a casual weekend look.

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City Life:

White Oxford Style Inspiration, Jeans and Shoes

Cafe culture or hitting the bars? Or both? Your oxford is the perfect choice. Pair with a pair of dark jeans or chinos, classic leather shoes and a matching belt. Cold evening? Consider taking a well fitted woollen overcoat, or sports blazer.

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Park Life:

White Oxford Style Inspiration for a day in the park

Headed for a picnic? Day in the park? Try a wool scarf, Suede Chukka shoes, a light weight sports blazer and, of course, a white oxford. 

Dress Down Friday:

White Oxford Style Dress Down Inspiration

From meeting to happy hour, casual Fridays are made for your white oxford. Pick a sweater, chinos, suede shoes and that happy end of the week attitude.


White Oxford Style Inspiration - Semi Formal

Yes, your white oxford can even save you from the horrors of a semi-formal dress code. Try layering with a simple herringbone jacket, plain trousers and brown shoes. 

With just a few simple combinations...

These are quick, simple changes to your wardrobe that are insanely easy to look great in. Requiring just a few basic additions, you'll be able to use your white oxford for virtually any summer occasion.

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