Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Leather Shoes?

Leather Broque Boot, Sanders and Sanders

In the immortal words of Forrest Gump's famous Mama, you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear. Whether you're a shoe addict, with hundreds of immaculate boxes piled high, or you simply rely on shoes purely for function, it's worth taking a few steps to ensure you get the most of your leather shoes.

Consider investingĀ 
Investing in a good pair of shoes is worthwhile, especially if you wear the same pair day in, day out. Leather is a hard-wearing material, which also offers comfort and style, and it's usually worth paying a bit more to ensure good quality. Why not check out the range at

Caring for leather shoes
Once you have your shoes, a bit of TLC will go a long way. Without maintenance, you may find that your leather shoes develop cracks and start to look worn. Cleaning, polishing and weather-proofing your shoes can really make a difference and you only need to spend a few minutes every week buffing and spraying to reap the rewards. If you regularly go out in your shoes, it is a good idea to buy a protective spray. Frequent cleaning will also help to ensure your shoes continue to look shiny and new.

Making your outfit count
Shoes may not be the first thing you notice about an outfit, but this doesn't mean that they can't make a look. Whether you're going for a formal daytime look for the office or you're dressing to impress on a night out, there are leather shoes for every occasion. If you're one of those people who rely heavily on one pair of work shoes and one pair of sneakers, now is the time to revamp your shoe collection!

When you buy a pair of shoes, you want them to last and add something to your wardrobe. Following these tips will ensure you look great, as well as getting the most out of your shoes.