5 Myths About Men's Fashion: Busted

When you work in the mens tailoring industry, you hear some crazy things. The problem with these outrageous myths is they are often based around preconceived rules of what is (or isn't) stylish. It gets simplified, passed down from generation to generation and misunderstood. Time to bust some myths.

1. Real Men Don’t Wear Pink

Prince William Pink Shirt

Completely wrong. A shirt does not make a man. Pink is a fantastic colour and goes well with most types and colours of trousers. Consider Brad Pitt or Prince William, frequent wearers of pink shirts. We're currently making this shirt as part of our bespoke shirt range. Call today to arrange a fitting.

2. Red & Green Should Never Be Seen

Red and Green Mens Style

Although opposite of the colour wheel, you shouldn't be afraid to experiment. Although solid blocks would be too much, the secret is to vary the hue of each colour as much as possible, ideally in different directions, with a darker green joining a lighter red, or a lighter green with a darker red. It helps to introduce a neutral colour to balance them out. 

For example, why not try a pink Oxford button-down bespoke shirt , a grey lambswool jumper and a pair of perfectly tailored olive chinos? This subtle rebellion against the colour wheel produces an adventurous, masculine look.

3) Having 1 pair of formal shoes is enough

Your shoes should be at least the same colour as your trousers, or darker. Simple. So black leather shoes go with navy, grey or black bespoke trousers, brown leather shoes with brown, beige, greens or earth colours and so on. 

4) But you don't have to match the belt.

It should be in the same colour family, but if you aren't sure, go darker. A black belt will suit most outfits. Don't be afraid to experiment - try a tanned belt with dark brown shoes.

5) “I Just Can’t See Myself In It”

Bespoke Dressing Room

You try and visualise a garment on, and it just doesn't 'feel' right. There is a easier way to see yourself in a garment - try it on. Experimenting with your own ideas of your 'style' will bring variation and excitement to your wardrobe.

The ONE Golden Rule of Men's Style

Now we've dispelled a few myths, let us establish one concrete truth in mens fashion. Fit is king. Without proper fit, no matter how expensive, how matching or which colour, if it doesn't fit, it won't look right. 

Next time you purchase a garment, think about "Fit, fit, fit" and consider a bespoke item which will fit perfectly from the start. Measurement only takes around 30 minutes and in 6-8 weeks your fit worries will be over.

Go bespoke for the perfect fit and style:
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