5 Secrets About Tailoring you Can Learn from TV

If you're looking to sharpen up your image and want an easy way to learn how, why not turn to the TV to help? There are plenty of bespoke tailoring and style tips that we can learn from some of today's top TV characters...

1. Tip from 'Suits' - dress for your age


Look at both Mike and Harvey's styles, and you'll see that they're very different. Harvey sticks to classic fit suits, whereas Mike has a younger, more fun look in his slimmer and modern fit designs.

2. Tip from 'Miami Vice' - dress for your personality

Lieutenant Martin Castillo formal style

Pastel suits with rolled up sleeves, t-shirts under perfectly tailored Armani jackets... the laid back attitudes of Crockett and Tubbs are brought to life through their outfits. Compare their style with Lieutenant Martin Castillo, whose style was far more formal.

3. Tip from 'Suits' - develop your own signature style


Back to Suits, and Mike's development throughout the show. From his classic line, “Why does it matter how much I spend on a suit?”, his wardrobe has changed and now features pinstripes and textured suits - an executive look that, with his bespoke accessories and coloured shirts, gives him his own unique style.

4. Tip from 'Sherlock' - appearance is key to success

Sherlock Suit

Take the first series of Sherlock, for example. Holmes himself enjoys perfect bespoke tailoring, while Watson is often seen in a beige jumper or ill-fitting cardigan. We know who's boss.

5. Tip from 'Mad Men' - fit is key

Mad Men Cast

If you watch Mad Men, you'll have noticed that the Sterling Cooper staff all benefit from tailoring. Shoulders, trouser breaks, jacket closures, sleeve length and more are perfect: and they look good for it. There's no underestimating the power of tailoring.