Suits on the Beach: How to Look Sharp on Holiday

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Despite the pun in the title, we’re not really advocating that you should wear a suit on the beach. For one thing: bespoke tailoring plus sand is not an ideal situation! That being said, we do believe it’s possible to look sharp and well put together even on holiday.

They key to getting this right is to be intentional with your holiday packing. Choosing your clothing wisely will help you to continue to look stylish throughout your time away. 

Not sure where to start? Below is our guide to seven items of clothing that combine style and practicality. As a bonus: none of them will take you too far from your usual tailored menswear style.

Light chinos 

Light chinos are a great choice for holiday as they can be dressed up or down depending on your needs. The lighter the shade the cooler they’re likely to be to wear. These can also be rolled up at the ankle during the day in hot weather.

Loose fitting white shirts

It may sound counter-productive, but a loose white shirt can often be much more comfortable to wear in a hot climate than a tightly fitted t-shirt. Roll up the sleeves and leave the first few buttons undone for a smart yet holiday-appropriate look.

Tailored shorts

There are good shorts… and there are bad shorts. For best results we recommend choosing a tailored style that come to the knee or just below. 

Boat shoes or moccasins 

Not sure you’re ready to take on the debate on whether flip flips are suitable attire for men? Avoid it altogether by choosing a pair of lightweight boat shoes or moccasins for your trip. They’ll be cool to wear but have the added benefit of providing more support during sightseeing trips. 

A panama hat

If you prefer to wear a sun hat during very hot weather, we think one of the most stylish options is a lightweight modern panama in white or beige. It’ll work brilliantly on the beach, but will also look sharp on the restaurant terrace, in art galleries and at social events. 

Polo shirts

There’s something about a collar that can turn a fairly casual outfit into something far more dapper. Swap out standard t-shirts for collared polo-shirts for an instant style upgrade. 

A light sports jacket

You never know when you might require a jacket! We think a lightweight sports jacket in a summer-appropriate colour such as blue, grey, white or beige is an excellent addition to any holiday suitcase. Wear it in the evening for a more formal dinner look, or as an extra layer on unexpectedly cooler days.

Now you’ve decided what to take, you may want to know how to pack it to ensure best results. Take a look at our advice on traveling with tailoring.