How to Have a Stylish Summer

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Many gentlemen find that summer is the trickiest season for looking their best. A lot of usually-immovable dress codes are relaxed during this time and it can be difficult to know how to navigate more formal summer events.

Some people may deal with this by giving up on the quest for style all together during this time of year… but this really isn’t necessary. Instead, let’s all pledge to step away from the cut off shorts, the walking sandals and the baseball caps, at the very least during professional events or parties!

Want to know how to have a stylish summer without giving up on tailoring or feeling as if you might spontaneously combust? Here are four simple suggestions from us:

Plan ahead

If you want to make sure you look your best during a heatwave, don’t wait till the morning the temperatures soar to think about what you’re going to wear! We suggest you take some time out now to organise your wardrobe into seasonally appropriate and non-appropriate items. Not only will this make it much easier to get dressed, it’ll also enable you to quickly see what you may need to stock up on. 

Embrace breathable fabrics

Staying cool in summer doesn’t have to be about bearing more skin. In fact, it can be much more sensible to wear lighter, breathable fabrics that cover more of you up. Doing this will protect you from UV rays and create welcome airflow. Linen mixes and cottons tend to be the most popular fabric options at this time of year.

Relax formalities

Though it’s certainly not our style to advocate dropping formalities, we do see the benefit of relaxing them, especially during the hottest summer days. When it starts to get really warm, we suggest avoiding waistcoats, ties, black socks, brogues and double-breasted jackets. Instead, think about pairing a lightweight summer suit with a sun hat, boat shoes and a crisp white shirt.  

Embrace colour 

Black and navy are excellent colour staples for men’s tailoring, but you may want to consider embracing some lighter colour options over summer. Lighter blues, greys, creams and beiges will all look more seasonally appropriate and can help you to feel more comfortable. As a general rule: the lighter the colour the cooler the garment will be to wear. 

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