Traveling with Tailoring: the Way to Get it Right

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There are many reasons why you may need to travel with a suit. Perhaps you’re taking a business trip, attending a distant wedding, or simply want to look dapper whilst on holiday. Whatever the reason, before you pack your suitcase it’s worth taking the time to consider the best way to transport your tailoring.

We think bespoke suits deserve extra special care. Perhaps you do too: especially as they generally represent a fair financial investment! Here’s the good news: the better you look after your tailoring now, the better it is likely to treat you in the future.

With this in mind, here are our tips for successfully transporting your suits. 

Traveling by car

The ideal way to transport your suit is on a good quality hanger inside a breathable garment bag. Arrange your suit on the hanger in the exact same way as you would in the wardrobe, zip it into the garment bag and place it flat, either on top of your suitcase in the boot or on the parcel shelf.

Traveling by air

Ideally suits would always travel in a garment bag, but we recognise that this often isn’t possible when traveling on an aeroplane. If you have a large enough suitcase you may be able to pack your suit without causing creasing. There’s a definite knack to effective folding and you may need to practice a few times before you can get it right. We’d suggest starting with this video from GQ on how to ensure tailored jackets arrive wrinkle free

Sometimes the best option for transporting your suit is to wear it on the journey. This is a particularly useful method if you have limited luggage space. Your suit will be much better protected on you than squeezed into an overnight bag. This method can also help to keep you bags below recommended weight limits for budget airlines!

Why it's all worth it

Does it all seem like a bit too much fuss? Trust us when we say it’s worth it! Not only will taking proper care of your tailoring in transit ensure that you maintain your investment for years to come, it’ll also help to make you look as sharp as possible in your suit once you reach your destination. 

Now we’ve covered how to pack, you may want to consider what to pack. Why not take a look at our thoughts on how to look dashing at a summer wedding?