James Bond in Jeans and a T-Shirt?

Throughout history, clothes have been one of the surest and most striking ways to make one’s mark, of showing the world that you are a man to be reckoned with. Simply, conjure up for a moment, a favourite play or film, or picture in your mind an iconic painting that you have admired in a great gallery of the world, and reflect upon the “look” which is represented. Imagine Fred Astaire without his immaculate suits, James Bond in jeans and t-shirt, the Virgin Queen in a peasant dress or Cardinal Wolsey in clerical black; it doesn’t quite work does it? Few things define us more completely than our choice of clothes, and few people go back once they have tasted the pleasure of bespoke tailoring.

What 'bespoke' means.

Unlike many words in common English usage, which are derived from Latin, Greek and other linguistic roots, bespoke is a profoundly home-grown word. To be didactic for a moment, bespoke is the past participle of the transitive verb, bespeak, literally meaning to engage in advance. Since medieval times, the term bespoke has come to mean the ordering of goods, especially clothes, specifically to one’s own design and size, rather than purchasing ready-made goods which may, or may not, suit or fit one appropriately. Where better to order bespoke clothes today than from Mullen & Mullen, trading within 100 yards of York Minster, a benign presence in the lives of English craftsmen for 800 years?

Craft your own personal tailored image:
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