The Perfect Gentleman on his Wedding Day

Bespoke Wedding Suit

If you look at a selection of wedding photos, you might first notice how beautiful the bride looks. Her special dress, chosen with so much care, enhances the radiance of the smile on her face. Sadly, too often, the love of her life can look as if he has been poured into his suit at the very last moment – and with a strictly limited amount of due care and attention!

Make the right impression

Nowadays, an increasing number of husbands-to-be are eager to make the right impression as they stand beside their bride. They appreciate that an investment in a bespoke wedding suit adds that degree of extra style to the day (and the photographs). Their confidence is increased, that wedding morning, as they slip into a suit carefully and faultlessly tailored to their personal specifications. It is, quite simply, “their suit” rather than a “suit they are wearing”. Guests notice the difference, and any bride appreciates the effort.

How a bespoke wedding suit from Mullen and Mullen makes such a lasting impression

Starting with your choice from hundreds of stylish, top-quality fabrics, your suit is created with as much artistry and care as a painter would take over a portrait. The style will match your own, the standard of workmanship will be understated to the degree that allows you to stand proud alongside your bride.

By the way, if you imagine yourself posing uncomfortably for hours as we work, take heart. Usually, here at Mullen and Mullen, we need no more than two one-hour appointments to complete the process, and around eight weeks to create the suit you have always imagined yourself wearing. See our full wedding page here.

For now and the future

Imagine some thirty years have passed. The grandchildren are looking at your wedding photos. Of course, they start by telling grandma how beautiful she looked. Then, maybe with a tiny hint of surprise in their voices, they add: “You scrubbed up pretty well too!”

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