Ask the Tailor: Straight or Slanted Pockets?

Photo by Michael

Each month we ask our expert tailors to address one of your most frequent questions. This month we’re talking pockets. What’s best: straight or slanted?

How much thought have you given to your ideal jacket pockets? We can probably guess your immediate answer: not that much. Are we right?

The thing is though, you’ll probably find that the type of pockets on a suit have much more of an impact on how much you enjoy wearing it that you realised. The ideal pockets should have a dual purpose: they can be useful for putting the odd essential in and add significantly to the general style of your tailoring.

In this post we’re focusing on just one question: should you opt for straight or slanted pockets?

Subtle difference? Perhaps. But bespoke tailoring is all about the details. 

Why Choose Straight?

Straight pockets are the traditional choice. They give a marvellously classic look that is far more formal than the slanted option. Many of our tailoring clients choose straight pockets as they feel they make a suit look more obviously made to measure.

Why Choose Slanted?

Slanted pockets are a more contemporary option usually found on sportier jackets. They’re also often the choice of ready to wear manufacturers. This type of pocket originates from the hacking jacket, an item of clothing designed for horse riding. If you’re the kind of gentleman who likes to be able to slip your hands into your jacket pockets, it’ll be far easier to do this with slanted pockets. Another benefit of slanted pockets is that some style experts state they can make the wearer appear more streamlined. 

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