Why We Think Dress Codes Make Easter Special

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In Great Britain, Easter has always been a time we spend with family. Though many of us now skip the Easter Sunday church service, the traditional roast lunch has definitely survived. 

We think traditions like this are important as they help to introduce something a little bit special into the every day. It would be easy for Easter Sunday lunch to become like any other lunch, but many families choose to continue to mark it out as an important day. 

We do this by inviting extended family or friends to join us, by choosing formal table wear, by planning out-of-the-ordinary menus and by introducing additional activities such as Egg hunts or egg rolling tournaments. An otherwise-ordinary social event can also be made special with carefully chosen clothing.

In fact, clothing plays a big part in tradition. It’s not difficult to see why. After all, the type of outfit we choose to wear to an occasion will have a huge impact on how that occasion feels. A group meal where everyone present is wearing jeans and a t-shirt will have a very different atmosphere than a meal where each guest has made the effort to wear high end fashion.

If you’ll be enjoying a meal with family or friends over the coming Easter weekend, why not go the extra mile? Taking a few extra moments to consider your wardrobe choices is likely to have a big impact on the experience you and everyone around you will have of the day. 

Better yet, why not agree a dress code? You’ll save your fellow attendees from worrying about what’s expected and will be able to set a delightfully formal tone for the day. 

In need of some inspiration? Here are a few quick tips for us for getting daytime formalwear right:

  • A tweet jacket is an excellent choice for a formal day time event. It’s super smart without being over the top and has a wonderful vintage edge.
  • Soften a formal look for daytime by using a bit of colour. Pair a navy or lighter blue suit with a white shirt for classic elegance, or pair a black suit with a shirt in a pastel spring-appropriate tone.
  • Avoid looking like you’re off to the office by going tie-free. For best results leave the top two buttons of your shirt unbuttoned.
  • Look smart without being too formal by pairing a blazer or sports jacket with a pair of chinos. Bonus points if you can pull off a pair in an Easter pastel colour!

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