Style Inspiration from the Oscars

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Last week the media was dominated by reports from the 88th Academy Awards. We heard a great deal about Leonardo DiCaprio finally being honoured with a win, which actresses got it right with their gowns and which ones didn’t What we didn’t hear enough about, in our opinion, is what the gentlemen of Hollywood were wearing. 

The Oscars is one of the biggest annual black tie events in the world. It’s attended by hundreds, reported on by thousands and watched by millions. If there’s ever an event to make sure you dress well for, this is probably it.

Because of this there’s a lot of scope for inspiration for those of us who are sartorially inclined. Here are five great style reminders from this year’s red carpet:

1. You can never go wrong with a classic look

There’s no question that DiCaprio was the man of the night. With the world’s media watching, we’re not surprised he opted for the quintessential classic look. This outfit could illustrate a how to guide on how to dress for a black tie dress code.

2. Colour mixing doesn’t have to be taboo

Combining a grey dinner jacket with black trousers is probably not for the under-confident. Saying that, this Oscar look from US presenter Ryan Seacrest might just inspire you to give it a go. The black detailing on his DJ brings cohesion to the look, but not so much that you wouldn’t spot him in a crowd.

3. Quirky can be stylish

Bespoke tailoring often leans towards the more classic looks. This is especially true in Britain where we’re very fond of our traditions. Though we certainly won’t be retiring our black dinner jackets any time soon, it’s nice to have a visual reminder every now and again that quirky and stylish don’t have to be mutually exclusive. After all, if rockstar/actor Jared Leto thinks red piping is cool, we’re happy to take his word for it.

4. You don’t have to wear black, grey or navy

You may not have considered dark turquoise as an ideal colour for a formal event. Who knows, this look from Michael Strahan may convince you. What we really like about this look is that is shows the power of good quality tailoring: it looks great whatever the shade.

5. You're never too young to invest in bespoke tailoring

Nine year old Jacob Tremblay made a big impression in a miniature DJ. We loved his confidence… and his perfectly symmetrical bow tie.

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