Christmas Jumpers: Good, Bad & The Ugly

Christmas Jumper Being Shot by a Cowboy

Its that time of the year again! Whether on a Saturday stroll down the high street or on a quiet drink down the local there is no doubt you'll spy at least one. The 'CJ' or Christmas Jumper is back with vengeance. Coming in many shapes and forms I've come to the conclusion that they can be grouped into three categories; the good, the bad and the just plain ugly.

The Good

A classic Fair Isle knit cannot go amiss, to feel extra festive plump for one with a hint of red or reindeer within the pattern. You will simply look like you have rolled off the slopes of Val D'Isere and are just about acceptable in public.

The Bad 

Think anything with 3D additions or requiring wires and electronics to run. Mainly reserved for the 'Lads Night Out' or be worn behind closed doors. Warning , very difficult to pull off and  it may be an unforgivable offence to wear in public.

The Ugly

This one may be an unforgivable offence not to wear as they usually are hand made by a great aunt and spend most of the year locked in the attic. Never fear though,you will not be alone, compulsory for all the family to get involved.