Doctor Who: What to wear?

Doctor Who

With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who rapidly approaching there is much speculation as to the most important decision of all - what shall he wear? 

Each Doctor has been unconventional, understandable with the infinite wardrobe of the TARDIS to chose from and no time to visit a tailor. With style inspiration including William Hartnell's Victorian inspired appearance, a multitude of bow ties from Jon Pertwee and Matt Smith or a dazzling array of overcoats, including a regrettable technicolored coat (Colin Baker, photo credit BBC), Peter Capaldi's choice shall be a tough one.

Doctor Who - Colin Baker

With Capaldi able to select his own clothes, we offer our own opinion. It is time to down the Converse, Fez's and questionable rainbow coats of the previous 50 years and put Peter Capaldi in a bespoke (obviously hard-wearing) tailor made suit, with one of our cashmere scarfs. Whether battling Daleks, Cybermen, saving the world or just wondering around London for a Christmas Special, a Mullen & Mullen suit won't let you down.