Light Blue Woven Silk Grenadine Tie

Light Blue Woven Silk Grenadine Tie

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Composition Silk

Made of sleek and soft Como silk, for an elegant, polished look. Available in a wide variety of colours, prints and woven textures.

Our silk hails exclusively from Northern Italy’s region of Como, home to a climate renowned for its large population of silkworms thanks to an abundance of mulberry trees (thought to be the silkworm’s favourite food). Add to that a history of silk craftsmanship and production that dates back to the 15th century and you’ve got yourself the best of the best in terms of Italian silk.

Structure Grenadine

Originally used to make black lace in the 18th century, the grenadine weave is now most often reserved for the outer shell of a tie. Reminiscent of gauze, its open, mesh-like quality ensures an interesting texture, even in the case of solid colours.


All of our ties are handmade in Italy to your chosen specifications with an estimated delivery of up to 5 weeks.