Get a Unique Wedding Suit That Fits You Perfectly

At Mullen & Mullen we have years of experience outfitting grooms. We can take you through the whole process from selection of the style of suit, to cloth choice to colour matching to cut and fit. Not to mention choosing the perfect lining or waistcoat back to perfectly compliment the flowers or bridesmaids dresses. 

Traditional Three Piece or Contemporary Two Piece?

Choice of suit is a good starting point, and in my experience people broadly fall into two camps. The first option is the traditional morning dress, definitely best worn as a 3 piece. And secondly a more contemporary lounge or business suit, 2 or 3 piece. A morning coat should be black or grey. The black variety should be worn with the traditional striped trousers (of which we have a large selection) and the grey with matching grey trousers. The black coat can be worn with an array of waistcoat colours, gold, pale blue and rose pink being popular combinations. Whilst once again, grey tends to work best with grey. The waistcoats would typically be double breasted, although one does see single breasted waistcoats with morning dress. In terms of material, heavier cloths often work well. They hang and drape best, and when viewed as a lifetime investment, they tend to wear longest too. The heavy material will often be 12-14oz and patterned with a subtle herringbone or barleycorn weave. We can and do make lighter weight morning coats, for weddings in hotter climes, and these are extremely smart too. Naturally we would match lighter weight trousers and waistcoat to a lighter coat. Some would finish it all with a Top Hat, although in my experience most go without. 

Add unique options to your bespoke wedding suit.

Whilst a morning dress follows a fairly traditional style template, those opting for a lounge suit in some ways have many more options available. Starting with the cloth. We have every imaginable colour and weight combination, from linen and mohair to heavy weight flannels and tweed at the other. In fact we have made numerous, very smart tweed wedding suits, which cut and drape extremely well and make for an eye catching way in which to celebrate a wedding. Unless of course you are getting married on a hot beach somewhere in which case linen might be a much better bet! Either way we can guide and advise you.


Often a waistcoat is a nice addition to a wedding suit, and can help differentiate it from the other two-piece work style suits in your wardrobe. Recently we made double breasted waistcoats to be worn with single breasted and single buttoned suits which looked very smart and added a sense of formality to the suits. 

The details, from head to toe

In either case once the cloth is chosen we can discuss toned buttonhole stitching, flash cuffs, lapel style and width, hand finished edging.... The list goes on and on. And, oh, did I mention, we have started selling shoes, available here on mullenandmullen.co.uk. So we can help you from head to toe! Book now.