Book An Appointment with Tom Church

The first step is to book an appointment with Tom. Please email us - hello@mullenandmullen.co.uk or call our store on 01904 633 049 (9-5 GMT). Over the 6 to 10 week process, your bespoke suit will be constructed in a traditional English tailoring fashion with the upmost care and attention.

Tom will visit you at your home or office, with appointments taking around 40 minutes. At this appointment you'll choose the fabric, style and fit and lining of the suits with the guidance of one of our tailors. Measurements will be taken and written to your fit profile.

At this point, a 50% deposit is taken. 6-7 weeks later, the garment will be ready for a first fitting, which the tailoring will arrange with you directly. In this appointment, the tailor pins, or marks any adjustments required, taking into account your personal preferences. If required, we will then do the required adjustments, and return for a final fitting 2 weeks later. In most cases, this is not required.

About Tom
He grew up in Guildford and attended the Royal Grammar School and went on to University College London. When he's not sketching ideas for his next three-piece, you'll find Thomas frequenting the East India Sports & Racquets Club of St. James's Square and enjoying the rugby. He's a tea and cake man, more than coffee and biscuits.

The suit is now finished. We can deliver it via courier, but we prefer to arrange a final visit to check the adjustments are to your preference. If so, the final balance is paid.

Why go bespoke?
Off the peg suits are designed to fit a target audience, generalised into 1 bulk size. Industry buyers predict fashion trends up to 18 months ahead, purchase cloths to increase profit margin rather than quality and cut corners on detailing.

A good suit is as individual as you are - distinctive, well fitting and to your style. Perfectly finished, cut from a individually selected fabric and completely unique.

How do I pay?
Appointments are completely without obligation and at no charge to you. When ordering a shirt, the full amount is due. When ordering a suit and overcoat, a deposit is individually taken, and at the final fitting the remaining balance paid. You may pay by credit or debit card