Limited Edition Mullen & Mullen Watches

Mullen and Mullen have a passion for watches. So much so we have produced our own design based on Swiss provenance and manufacture. Each watch has a unique number and forms part of a limited edition. They embody the values of the company in reflecting quality in design, manufacture and professional style.

York has a rich chronographic history – how many historic clocks do you notice when walking in York city centre? These clocks sit proudly under the York city sky and above the towns folk and visitors to this great city. In the streets, squares and city gardens locals and visitors are all wearing watches that hold a multitude of meaning. Some are worn as valued gifts, some as social symbols some as a practical tools. They serve as conversation pieces as well as time pieces and mark time as well as marking life's key events.

Our watches make the perfect gift. They are expertly crafted and make a matchless and exceptional souvenir of your visit or time spent in York. Watches tell us a story about the wearer and even more so of the person who gifted the time piece. They are valued at the top of the list of 'most valued' presents for men. More meaning is attached the receiving of a watch as a present compared to most others. These timepieces exquisitely mark a success, an achievement, a graduation, anniversary or other significant occasion. They will also perfectly complement any Mullen & Mullen bespoke suit or shirt. They are a pleasure to own and priced for a range of expectations. As a family business we pride ourselves on offering products, services and advice that will ensure you choose a model to match the occasion.