Bespoke Shirts


Although Mullen & Mullen is best known for its beautiful bespoke suits, we believe that shirts are of equal importance in the well-dressed man's wardrobe, which is why we give full and careful consideration to how we source our fabrics, and the style in which they are cut. Available from £115.

Like all Mullen & Mullen bespoke tailoring, the quality of our cloths and the attention to detail we give to our shirts means that they are not simply an afterthought, or an accessory, but are central to the service we provide, and to the appearance of our customers.

Cut and fit

Just as our customers come in all different shapes and sizes, so we take a wide array of measurements to ensure an ideal fit and commensurate comfort. Let us consign uncomfortable collars, billowing waists and ill-fitting sleeves to your fashion history.


At Mullen & Mullen we pride ourselves on the wide range of styles we can offer our customers. Choose from over 1500 cloths woven in the finest English and European mills. A choice of more than 60 collar and cuff styles is available, whilst monogramming offers an opportunity for the personal and creative touch. Equally, many customers enjoy selecting highlight options in contrasting colours and materials.

In addition to formal and working shirts, Mullen & Mullen has a lovely collection of beautiful and stylish dress shirts, and a panoply of relaxed cloths and cuts for the weekend and for holidays.

Cloth quality

With so many cloths to choose from, we have fabrics to satisfy the most discerning customer, including super fine 100% pure cotton fabrics.

We take the subject of cloth quality very seriously, and we are proud to be able to offer shirts of Jermyn Street quality at highly competitive prices.

Customer Service

Mullen & Mullen is a fast-growing, but intimate company, its core staff being members of the Mullen family. We are proud of our shirts and we take great pleasure in fitting out our customers in smart, hard-wearing and high quality shirts.