By all accounts, watches should be dead. Time up. Computers, phones, cookers and alarms constantly remind us of how little time we have left until that all important deadline, or how long is left until the end of the day. Yet the watch has never been more popular, particularly a reassuringly expensive one of the Swiss-made variety. 
Gone are the days of one watch being enough. Today the idea is to build a collection, much the same as collecting fine wine or art, aiming to have a watch (or several) for every occasion. A casual M2 | DEM Chronograph Wristwatch is perfect for the weekend, and a formal Swiss automatic EMM1 to dress to impress.
More than a fashion statement, the Swiss EMM1 watch is a wearable work of mechanical art. Made by Swiss master craftsmen from near invisible minute components, an automatic watch is an almost impossible form of mechanical wizardry.
Mullen & Mullen watches are the perfect addition to your watch collection. Each is limited addition, made in Switzerland and presented in a presentation case.
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